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Learning through Osmosis
Branch: La Selva Beach

Bernie T. Cat
I am smiling...

Bernie T. Cat is and always has been an avid reader and library patron. Although she has only once visited a branch library - this on the way home from a most humiliating and painful visit with the vet - she is very supportive of their cause. She views the primary mission of libraries as promoting peace and quiet (conducive to sleep).

Bernie spends a great deal of time with books - primarily sleeping on top of them - but she realizes that such activities would not be possible without the existence of free access to said tomes. She is a strong proponent of "learning through osmosis" and favors books that deal with food, its preparation (to be done by others, of course) and, perhaps most importantly, its enjoyment. Because she is homebound, she enjoys visits from Library Outreach staff and feels they might only be improved with the addition of some free snacks.

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