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Technology Plan 2013 - 2018 for the Santa Cruz Public Libraries

There have been many changes in the Santa Cruz Public Libraries since I became the Library Director three and a half years ago. In order to deal with these changes, we have relied on several planning documents to guide us. The 3-5 Year Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 provides overall direction for the services we provide. The Welcoming Place strategic direction addresses the importance of our physical and virtual spaces:

People of all ages and backgrounds will find safe, comfortable, and customer focused physical and virtual spaces which reflect the character of the community and which deliver a 21st century library experience.

A recently completed Facilities Master Plan helps achieve this goal with a focus on physical spaces. This Technology Plan is the counterbalance and addresses our virtual spaces and how we use technology to deliver services in both our physical and virtual spaces.

The Technology Plan provides a vision by identifying five Goals and recommends the steps needed to achieve those Goals. It is a living document that we will reference often over the next 5 years and adjust as new technologies present themselves as the better way to attain our goals.

Thank you to all of the staff, and Board and community members who contributed their voices during the development of this plan. And thank you to Carson Block for his hours of listening that were then converted into this document.

Teresa Landers
Library Director

View the full Technology Plan for the Santa Cruz City County Library System 2013-2018 (PDF)